Advanced Healing and Mediumship Mastery in Massachusetts August 10-12


 A Weekend of Amazing Spiritual Workshops, Fantastic Energy and Incredible Psychic Unfoldment with Internationally Acclaimed Medium

Stephen A. Hermann

August 10-12, 2018.

Sirius Center

Shutesbury, Massachusetts

$299 training.

Small groups and individualized instruction

$100 nonrefundable deposit holds space.

Balance due July 11, 2018.


Mediumship Mastery Training in Massachusetts. Spirit Operations and Trance Healing



Explore altered states of consciousness and experience the incredible power utilized by master healers and doctors in the spirit world to perform seemingly miraculous healing with and without the use of instruments. We will examine the trance state and its relationship to etheric and psychic surgery, the process of physical dematerialization and advanced etheric chemistry, and the methods used by healing mediums such as John of God in Brazil and the Filipino psychic surgeons to develop their amazing healing gifts. Stephen has extensive experience teaching mediumistic healing in the Philippines and many countries worldwide. Learn how to attune to higher spiritual levels and channel higher frequencies of healing energies. Expand your healing abilities with proven methods of deepening the trance state and functioning as a vehicle for spirit healers to work through. Utilize advanced and unconventional approaches to administering healing energies, as well as intuitive discernment of subtle energy systems. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to study with one of the world’s foremost healing mediums.

Topics to be covered:

Psychic and Etheric Surgery

*Spiritual Anatomy, the Aura and Subtle Energies

*Spirit Operation With and Without Instruments

*Methods of Medical Intuition to discern Pathological and Psychological Conditions

*Unconscious Blocks and How to Overcome Them

*Trance and Direct Spirit Control

*Etheric Blood Transfusions and Injections

*Attaining Deeper Levels of Altered States of Consciousness

*Energetic Boundaries and Protection

*Common Blocks and How to Overcome Them

*How to Discern Genuine Spirit Control

*Healing Ethics and Legalities

*Evening Seances with Trance and Spirit Operations

Please join us for a dynamic journey in which you will add unique healing told to your spiritual toolbox and expand healing abilities

Participants should being a portable massage table, if possible, and an artist sketch pad and pastels or crayons.




Learn how to accurately see, hear and sense angel messages for yourself and others.  Discover proven techniques used by masters of mediumship to receive specific details such as full names, dates, places and events known only to the recipient.  Learn how to separate your own thoughts from accurate information coming through and prevent distortion and embellishment from taking place.

Topics to be explored include: 


*How to distinguish your own thoughts from genuine psychic impressions. 

*Correct interpretation of symbolic clairvoyance.

*Proven techniques to connect with helpers and guides.

*Psychic protection methods that work.

*How to receive ultra-specific, evidential information that is understood by the recipient.

*Common blocks and how to overcome them

*How to improve your clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience

*Advanced techniques to enhance private sessions and platform work.

*Evening Physical and Channeling Seance

If you are serious about expanding your mediumship and strengthening your connection with the spirit world, then this dynamic workshop is not to be missed. Content is suitable for participants at all levels of development.

Stephen teaching mediumship workshop in Philippines to Spiritist youth.