Psychic Mediumship Retreat


The 15th Annual
Psychic Mediumship Retreat

Mediumship Mastery and Spirit Awareness Weekend

with International Psychic Medium
Reverend Stephen A. Hermann,
NST and Friends



October 5-7, 2018 Columbus Day Weekend

Join Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Reverend Stephen A. Hermann and mediums and healers from around the world for an extraordinary weekend of psychic exploration, spiritual discovery, and profound healing. Each year this incredible retreat gets better and better with exciting workshops geared for both the novice as well as experienced mediums and healers. Every moment of this intense program is jam-packed with exciting innovative techniques and powerful energies. Master the amazing powers of high sense perception and advanced energy healing. Learn to see, hear and sense angel guides and higher teachers in the spiritual world and receive accurate messages for yourself and others.


Workshop Topics Include:


       * Channeling Angel Guides, Helpers and Master Teachers
       * Psychic Detective Work Made Easy
       * Traveling Clairvoyance: The Science of Seeing at a Distance
        * Seeing Inside the Physical Body: X-ray Clairvoyance, Medical Intuition and the      Wisdom of the Spirit Doctors

        * Lets have a Seance: Trance and Physical Phenomena Session  

        * Psychic Art and Inspirational Mediumship  

        * How to Distinguish Your Own Imagination From Genuine Psychic Impressions  

        * Higher Levels of Mediumship: Evidential Mediumship in Six Easy Steps  

        * Energetic Boundaries and Methods of Psychic Protection That Work

        * The Mystery of Psychometry: Spiritual Archaeology and the Aura

and Much, Much More!

Through lectures, powerful guided meditations, and practical experimental exercises you will learn how to effectively develop your channeling and healing abilities in a safe and loving atmosphere.


Tuition for the Angel Channeling and Spirit Awareness Training which includes all workshops and seances is $299.  A deposit of $100 is required with registration to hold the space with the balance paid by September 5, 2018.  Refunds(minus deposit of $100)will be given until one month prior to event. After that no refunds will be given. First come, first served. Register now as event fills up quickly.

Single and double rooms, meal plan options available. Payment may be made with Paypal Contact Steve for details.

To book accommodation visit

“Your retreat beat any “luxury” vacation I have had. The retreat was a small vacation for my soul, I believe.”  ~ P. Heishman, Virginia, USA.

“Thank you for the wonderful weekend in Petersham… I am still floating my way back to Earth!  What an amazing group of people you had gathered together, and what a beautiful spot.  The weekend was full of magical moments and experiences I will hold dear in my heart forever; you are a fabulous teacher and have so much to share, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to come to Earthlands and share in this opportunity so grow in spirit and learn with likeminded people! God bless you and the work that you do.” ~ K. MacNeil, New Hampshire, USA.

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