Mediumship Mastery Spirit Awareness New Zealand Adventure


New Zealand Greener

November 10-12, 2017

Aio Wira Centre

$350NZ Tuition

Join internationally acclaimed medium Stephen Hermann for an amazing adventure of psychic exploration and spiritual transformation in majestic New Zealand, one of the most beautiful and psychically powerful places on the planet.  Expand your channeling and healing abilities in the heart of traditional Maori land, surrounded by lush, green bush and pristine streams and waterfalls.  Experience the incredible energies and scenery of New Zealand while studying evidential mediumship, advanced channeling and psychic surgery.

Learn how to accurately see, hear and sense angel messages for yourself and others. Discover proven techniques used by masters of mediumship to receive specific details such as full names, dates, places and events known only to the recipient. Learn how to separate your own thoughts from accurate information coming through and prevent distortion and embellishment from taking place.

Workshops include:

*How to distinguish your own thoughts from genuine psychic impressions.

*Correct interpretation of symbolic clairvoyance.

*Proven techniques to connect with helpers and guides.

*Psychic protection methods that work.

*How to receive ultra-specific, evidential information that is understood by the recipient.

*Common blocks and how to overcome them

*How to improve your clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience

*Advanced techniques to enhance private sessions and platform work.

*Psychic surgery and spirit operations.

* Advanced energy healing. 

*Spiritual anatomy: medical intuition with the spirit doctors.

*Angels, masters and guides: higher levels of trance channeling.

*Psychic art and inspirational mediumship.

Lovers of Lord of the Rings, and other Hollywood films shot in New Zealand, will cherish this once in a lifetime experience. If you are serious about expanding your mediumship and strengthening your connection with the spirit world, then this dynamic workshop is not to be missed. Content is suitable for participants at all levels of development.

Class is limited in size to ensure individualized instruction and assessment.

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$350NZ Tuition.

$100NZ nonrefundable deposit holds space with balance due by October 10, 2017.

Contact Aio Wira directly for accommodation reservations.

The Aio Wira Centre is accessible from Auckland International Airport.

New Zealadn Water Fall

New Zealand Beautiful View