ClearReflectionsCDClear Reflection’ Healing Meditations and Music, is a meditation CD featuring Medium, Rev. Steve Hermann, and Master Sound Healer, Sarah Benson. The CD features two 30 minute guided meditations, channeled from Spirit. One of the BEST meditation CD’s available. Highly effective for helping you to connect with your guides and the spiritual realms.

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BEST SELLING CD. OVER 10,000 copies sold!

“This CD transformed my life. After years of abuse, after listening to Steve’s CD many times, I have found myself able to release all my pain, and move on. I feel so uplifted and am reminded of the best things in life and God’s eternal love when I listen to this CD.” Kristie Jenkins, Los Angeles, California, USA.



“I loved this CD! It really helped me to relax and connect with my inner self. I loved it so much, I bought copies for all my friends to enjoy, and they love it too.” ~ S.G Nottingham, London, England.

“My third eye literally opened up and I could hear and see my angel guardians when I listened to your CD. It was so overwhelming. I have tried many different meditation tapes, but yours is by far the most superior. I would recommend this CD to anyone wanting to safely develop their psychic abilities.” ~ Siija Yoshi, Yokohama, Japan.

“I have to thank you again for making such a great meditation CD. Like I’ve said before, I use it regularly. The night before last, I was trying to help my teenage daughter who woke up and was feeling a little anxious. I had your CD on an MP3 player and we each put ear buds in. She immediately relaxed even though a thunderstorm started rolling in. I think that she fell asleep before the meditation was over and then I was able to go back to bed! You never know the ripple effect that you have!”Karen Newell, New Hampshire, USA.