International Medium and Teacher


Highly acclaimed as a detailed and accurate medium, Reverend Stephen Hermann is a world famous medium with incredible talent. Through his highly detailed and accurate mediumship, Stephen is able to provide first hand proof that life after death exists, by specific messages containing names, dates and places only known to the individual receiving the reading. As he makes contact with deceased loved ones, grief and loneliness disappear, and proper healing can take place.

A featured personality on television and radio worldwide, Stephen’s mediumship has been documented by the Associated Press and other news media. A former research medium for the University of Virginia, Stephen’s evidential mediumship has been featured in 8 books including a best seller published in Macedonia. Stephen is the author of Mediumship Mastery: The Mechanics of Receiving Spirit Communications: The Ultimate Guide(Available on As a student of yoga, meditation and Spiritualism for over four decades, Stephen holds credentials as an ordained minister, certified medium and teacher with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches(USA).


Stephen has taught programs for the International Spiritualist Federation (UK). Stephen is also a qualified massage therapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist.  He holds a BA degree from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Stephen is available for in person medumship sessions in Amherst, Massachusetts, the San Francisco Bay area and Auckland, New Zealand. He has assisted thousands in his extensive travels teaching and demonstrating spirit communication and healing.


Its what I do.


“Steve’s reading went right to my soul. I was truly amazed at how accurate the reading was, and, more importantly, I was amazed at the insight into myself I gained from the reading. I truly believe Steve Hermann has a highly developed skill of mediumship, inspired by a higher power” ~ Dan Johnson, Indianapolis

As a medium I am able to mentally see, hear, and sense persons in the spirit dimension, and convey messages from them to people in the physical world. Although I use my psychic ability to receive communications from the spirit world, I am not a psychic reader or a fortune teller. My sessions are purely mediumistic with a focus on spiritual guidance, and evidential messages from recognizable personalities in the spirit world.

I cannot call up particular spirit persons, but am able to accurately describe the spirit people with you at the time of the session. Mediumship is a co-operative effort between the medium, sitter, and the people in the spirit world. In order to get the best possible results, an atmosphere of love and harmony is essential. Generally the major concerns, or questions that sitter may have, will be addressed or answered by the spirit world during the session, without them having to ask.