Spirit Readings


How to get the most out of a session:

As every mediumistic session is carefully planned and orchestrated by the spirit world, your preparation for the session with Stephen is essential. Meditation and prayer prior to the session help create the atmosphere necessary for achieving the best possible results. The more enthusiasm and genuine desire to participate in the process, the easier it will be for Stephen to work with you and bring through information from your loved ones and guides.


What should I expect?

During a session expect Stephen to describe the people around you in the spirit world and what they have to relate to you in terms of evidential information about themselves and guidance to help you in your life. Although Stephen is extremely accurate as a medium, he is limited to the information provided to him by Spirit. When consulting Stephen it is best to be open to hearing from relatives, friends, guides, and others who may come through. often the people around us in Spirit are not always the people we expect to hear from. If there are particular people whom you desire communication from Stephen will bring them through if they are present and able to do so.

Contact Stephen for more information on bookings and rates for readings.

Private Sessions

Phone Sessions

Group Sessions

Private Sessions are available in person and by phone.* Phone sessions are available to those at a distance or unable to travel. Group Sessions and Home Seance Gatherings also available. 

 *Tape recording is encouraged.  Please bring your own recording device.
Video recording is not permitted without permission.


Readings, Workshops, and Classes will be held at locations advertised on the Events Page.

Schedule a reading with Stephen:

Pay for a session through PAYPAL! Schedule an appointment with Stephen (contact him at steveradhe@gmail.com, and then pay for your session using paypal. (If you dont have a PayPal account, its free and easy to sign up)