Stephen has been featured in newspapers, TV, and radio worldwide, and has authored articles on psychic studies and mediumship in many different publications. Stephen’s evidential mediumship is the focus of a best selling book written by a leading author in Macedonia and several other popular books in the USA have featured his work as a medium.

Stephen appeared as a guest on Good Morning (New Zealand,) where he was interviewed by celebrity Mary Lambie and demonstrated his mediumship to people in studio and phone call in on live national television in New Zealand. Stephen has also been interviewed and worked on live national radio programs in NZ. He has been featured on the evening news there as well. He has appeared on local and regional television and radio in the United States and many other countries worldwide.

 Good Morning Show ~ New Zealand


Workshops, Lectures & Radio

  • +  Cassadaga Lecture March 2014
  •     Cassadaga Lecture March 2013
  •     Casadaga Lecture March 2011
  •     Cassadaga Lecture March 2012 Part 1
  •     Cassadaga Lecture March 2012 Part 2
  •     Radio Interview ~ Steve Herman on the Kerriann and Joe Show
  •      Radio Interview ~ Planetary Spirit Internet Radio
Healing Workshop at  COIL
GR Reporter: News From Greece(Greece) 
MIX 102.3FM.-“John Jodie & Snowy” (Adelaide, South Australia)
The Well Being Show (Greenfield, Massachusetts)
Radio 1 NZ (New Zealand)
Newstalk ZB Wellington (New Zealand)
Radio Hamilton (New Zealand)
The J-Files (Burlington, Vermont)
Philippines National Radio,( Manila, Philippines), February 2012
Medium At Large Blog Talk Radio, July 2013  
Circle of Mediums Show, Paramania Radio, July 2013
Innermind Radio, ABS CBN, DZMM (Philippines) November 17, 2013
Bridge Between Two Worlds Blogtalk Radio Interview with Stephen, July 1, 2015.
Warren X-change Radio Show July 31, 2015. 
‘X’ Zone TV/Radio Show with Rob McConnell, November 5, 2015.
The Web Weavers, Paramania Radio, September 5, 2016., July, 2017.
Ascend Podcast October, 2017.



Philippines Daily Inquirer

Psychic News(UK)

Your’s Fraternally (UK)
The National Spiritualist Summit(USA)
Inner Dimensions(USA)
Many Hands(USA)
Pesi (Iceland).
The Associated Press (USA)
Springfield Union News (Massachusetts)
Worchester Telegram
and Gazette (Massachusetts)
Hamilton Times (New Zealand)
Greenfield Recorder (Massachusetts)
Niantic News (Connecticut)
Village Soup (Belfast, Maine)
Malone Telegram (New York)
Greece Zoungla (Greece)
the Boston Herald( Massachusetts)

Oxford Hills Sun Journal (Maine)
GR Reporter(Greece)
Jewish Genological Magazine (USA)
Balkin Insight (Europe)
Valdoaxio (Macedonia)
Macedonian News(Australia)
Macedonian Forum(Macedonia)

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (USA)

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

An Agnostic Skeptic With Mediumistic Abilities: My Reflections at a Mediumship Mastery Training, Elliot Benjamin, Integral World , April, 2014.

Agnosticism and Fundamentalist Mediumship, Elliot Benjamin, Integral World, April, 2014

Experimental Skepticism And An Exploration of Mediumship and Life After Death, Elliot Benjamin, Integral World, April 2015.

Experimental Skepticism And An Exploration of Mediumship and Life After Death, Elliot Benjamin,

Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal

Vol. 6 No. 2

On Francisco I. Madero as Medium: An Interview with Rev. Stephen A. Hermann, Author of

Mediumship Mastery, July 2015.

Mediumship, Death, and Grief: A Personal Experiential Research Account, Elliot Benjamin, Pinnacle Psychology ISSN: 2360- 9508, Vol. 2 (3), 2015, Article ID pp_216, 823-828, October-2015.

Are You Ready to Serve as a Professional Medium?, Giesemann, Suzanne, The Edge Magazine, May 1, 2017.

Are You Ready to Serve as a Professional Medium?


Television Appearances

Interview on Good Morning New Zealand

World of Spirit Episode #002

Hamilton News 4 (New Zealand)

Springfield NBC News 22

Fox News ABC 40

Channel 40 “The Ghosts of Springfield

Kanal 5 TV and other news stations (Macedonia)

Greek TV News

NZ TV One “Good Morning”



Publications with Articles
Written by Stephen

Psychic News(UK)
Your’s Fraternally (UK)
Many Hands(USA)
Spirit Of Change(USA)
Pesi (Iceland)
Inner Dimensions(USA)
National Spiritualist Summit(USA)
The Communicator(NZ)
the Torch (Philippines)

Books Featuring Stephen

American Medium in Contact With the Spirit of Alexander the Macedonian,  Alexander Donski, 2009.
Journey to Cassadaga: My Spiritual Awakening, Jeanette Strack-Zanghi, 2002.


Exploring the Spirit of Maine: A Seeker’s Guide, Karen Wentworth Batignani, 2005
How to Communicate with Spirits, Elizabeth Owens, 2001.

An Experiential Exploration of the Possibility of life After Death Through the Ostensible Communications of Mediums with Deceased Persons, Elliot Benjamin, 2011.

9 Months Ago Was Yesterday, Diane Jackman Skolfield, 2013.

Paths to Mediumship: 15 Mediums Tell Their Stories,  Elizabeth Owens, 2014.

The Spiritual Church of Brisbane: 100 Years of Spiritualism 1913-2013, Lynda Flower, 2014.

Life After Death: An Experimental Exploration With Mediums By An Agnostic Investigator, Elliot Benjamin, Forward by Stephen Hermann, 2014.