Mediumship Mastery Program

with World Renowned Spiritual Medium Reverend Stephen A. Hermann, NST
as seen on NZTV One’s
Good Morning and Television Worldwide.


This intensive certification program provides a comprehensive study of mental mediumship, trance channeling and healing science. It is specifically designed for intermediate or advanced students interested in expanding their spiritual gifts and strengthening their connection with the spirit world. 

Emphasis will be placed on individual students particular strengths and needs with regular assessment and input by Stephen and spirit teachers.

Master Higher Evidential Mediumship and Channeling

Learn how to accurately see, hear and sense angel messages for yourself and others. Discover proven techniques used by masters of mediumship to receive specific details such as full names, dates, places and events known only to the recipient. Learn how to separate your own thoughts from accurate information coming through and prevent distortion and embellishment from taking place. 

*Distinguishing your own thoughts from genuine psychic impression
*Correct interpretation of symbolic clairvoyance
*Evidence: How to Receive Specific Details
*Connecting with Helpers and Guides
*Public Platform and Private Sessions
*Do’s and Don’ts for Public and Private Work
*How to receive information quickly without losing the connection
*Psychic protection methods that work
*Psychic Art and Inspirational Mediumship
* Trance Channeling  and Levels of Control

Master Advanced Levels of Energy Healing 

Learn how to attune to higher spiritual levels and channel higher frequencies of healing energies.  Expand your healing abilities with proven methods of deepening the trance state and functioning as a vehicle for spirit healers to work through.   Utilize advanced and unconventional approaches to administering healing treatments as well as intuitive discernment of  subtle energy systems.

*Psychic Surgery and Advanced Healing Techniques
*Spiritual Anatomy: Medical Intuition,the Aura and Subtle Energies
*Trance Healing and Etheric Surgery
*Methods of Medical Intuition through Seeing, Hearing and Sensing Pathological and Psychological Conditions
*Unconscious Blocks and How to Overcome Them
*Mediumship and Healing Ethics and Professional Responsibilities and much, much more

Through lecture and  discussion, powerful guided meditations and practical experimental exercises participants will learn how to effectively channel detailed and accurate messages and healing energies from the world of spirit.  This exciting program is not to be missed. Preregistration strongly suggested as space is extremely limited. This workshop is appropriate for participants at all level of experience. Stephen has assisted thousands in effectively developing powerful and accurate mediumship and healing.

Walking-Steve-HermannUSA Dates 2018:

April 13-15 |  August 10-12 |  October 7-8
(with 14th Annual Psychic Mediumship Retreat October 5-7)

Sirius Retreat Center Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA.

Training in Iceland and Argentina in 2018 to be announced.  

$299 for Weekend.

$299 for October Annual Retreat.
$150 for additional day intensive Trance Mastery Program.
Nonrefundable deposit of $100 necessary to secure space. 

Payments may be made through Paypal. Contact Steve for details.

Full payment due one month prior to event.
Refunds given in full(minus $100 deposit).
No refunds will be given four weeks or less before program.