‘The Festival is now in its 18th year and traditionally presents the cream of NZ speakers and the best of visiting international presenters.  Stephen Hermann has presented seminars over the last 5 years, and commanded excellent feedback from visitors.  His light and realistic approach resonates well, and the underlying effects of his work reflects in the audience reaction and the full room he always enjoys.”

~ Chris Cooper, Organiser, New Spirit Festival, Auckland, New Zealand.


I am highly educated historian and a writer from European country Republic of Macedonia. I met Steve Hermann on the 19th of July 2008 at his house in Alachua, Florida . There he did a session with me which is completely recorded on camcorder from a friend of mine (a lady)who was also present there.

I must say that I was amazed from what this extraordinary man told me. When he told me details about my dead father and uncle I was shocked and I almost cried when later I left him. From other details, he told me that soon I am going to deal with filming of one of my books, but negotiations would be not successfull, although later everything would be OK. When I came home, I was surprised when my partner told me that, while I was absent, he had negotiated with one film director about my book, but the negotiations were unsuccessful.

Steve also described my dead uncle stressing that he was a painter of modern art living a not so“usual” (bohemian) life, as well my father(also a painter) about whom he told me a detals that I’ll NEVER forget! I am stressing that THERE IS NO WAY for Steve to learn from before these details! I live ten thousand miles from him and until the last moment our meeting was uncertain. He also told me other things about myself, that for now, I’ll keep for myself until I publish a book about this.”

-Alex Donski, Best Selling Author, Media Personality and Historian, Macedonia.

“I have known Rev Steve Hermann for many years. During these years Rev Steve has given me several readings. These readings were all very evidential of proof of Spirit, accurate, specific, detailed and informative. I have been present for many well received messages that Rev Steve has given to others. Rev Steve understands Spiritualism very well. His lectures are informative, uplifting, and inspiring. Everyone, including myself, who hears his lectures, or attends his workshops, derives a great deal from them. In the Light and Love of Spirit!”
~ Dwight Broadstone, President Church of Spiritual Life NSAC Methuen, Massachusetts, USA

“I have known Rev.Steve Hermann since 1999 to present.   Rev. Steve had been serving the First Spiritualist church under the prior Pastors,  who were two world renowned Ministers,  of Onset church.  Since my taking Pastorship of Onset church.   I have gotten to know Rev. Steve and have asked him to serve our church ever since.  Rev. Steve Hermann is a gifted teacher, medium and healer. He brings humor and enthusiasm to the teachings of Spiritualism”
~ Rev. Kathleen Hoffman, Pastor, First  Spiritualist Church of Onset,  Onset, Massachusetts, USA.

“Reverend Stephen Hermann is amazingly sensitive to the vibrations of Spirit as well as being very tuned in to the human character. I have witnessed Stephen in action serving as a medium on the platform as well as a teacher sharing his gifts and encouraging others to blossom with theirs. Reverend Hermann is patient and encouraging as he lifts others with his positive instruction. His assistance with connecting each individual with their own Higher Selves, God and Spirit is a gift to behold, as he truly comes from the heart. I have sat in on Stephen’s Development Circles and had the uplifting experience of attending his Spiritual retreats. I recently formed a Spiritualist Church in New Hampshire and have had Reverend Stephen speak and give messages from Spirit.  His accuracy is phenomenal in proving the continuity of life as he brings through recognizable loved ones as well as messages of healing and enlightenment. As a Minister of Spiritualism and as a friend I am grateful to know Reverend Stephen Hermann and have enjoyed his teachings and philosophy toward life and living. In the spirit of love and light”
~ Reverend Kary Hays Pastor, Cycles of Spirit Spiritualist Church Keene, New Hampshire, USA.

“I have known Stephen Hermann for several years now. I attended his class on mediumship  a few years ago to see if he would consider teaching at Camp Etna. Camp Etna is one of the oldest Spiritualist Camps in the United States. I went to see how people responded to his presentations and what they got out of the class  I was very impressed with how he was able to present to all levels and have everyone get something out of the class. I am very pleased to have Stephen Hermann at Camp Etna in 2011 and again in 2012 where he continues to draw a crowd of dedicated students.  I  fully endorse Stephen Hermann as a professional, dedicated medium.”
~ Dr. Barbara Williams, Program Director, Camp Etna Spiritualist Association, Etna, Maine, USA.

“First, Rev. Steve Hermann is my friend and fellow medium in the world-wide work of Spiritualism. I have known him since before 1996. I have been privileged  to work the platform with him, both as a fellow medium and as a church musician. Rev. Steve is one of the FINEST mediums in the business-of that I am sure!! He is on track and accurate. The other thing that shines through his work like a beacon, is his love for Spirit and his desire to serve his fellow human beings! He travels the world every year, bringing instruction and hope to thousands who need help to make sense of this world, their lives, and what lies beyond. If Rev. Steve publishes a book – read it!! It will make your life better!! If he hosts an even, whether messages, workshops or seminars, attend if you can possibly get there!! These events will lift you up and set you on a higher path! My very best wishes and heartfelt love follow Rev. Steve wherever he goes!!”
~ Reverend Benjamin Cox, Former Pastor, Colby Memorial Temple, Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp,Cassadaga, Florida, USA.

“Steve Hermann is one of those very rare souls walking the Earth plane, he actually loves what he does! What is it that he does? He brings hope to those in despair, healing for those who are sick, be it of body or spirit, and shares his unique understanding of why we here.  I first met Steve at a conference in Barcelona in 1996, it was a grand affair with 100s of Mediums present, Steve stood out then for his individual style and fresh approach to Healing and Mediumship, it has been a pleasure to watch as he continues to stand out today as what is becoming something rare: A first rate Medium! Steve Hermann understands that through Mediumistic abilities, one can share great truths and be a vessel for Healing. What is also a rarity is this first rate Mediums compassion for all life, his sincerity and honesty add these qualities to his willingness to share what he has found and you will read something that may well change your life!”
~ Robert Brown, International Medium, Author, UK.

“Whole Health Expo has presented body-mind-spirit events throughout New England since 1986. It has been a great pleasure to work with Rev. Steve Hermann over the years. I bought the expo in 2004 but his relationship with our event goes back almost a decade further. He has been a presenter and headliner at numerous expos and is always one of our most popular speakers. He has been a part of our events in Northampton, MA; Marlborough, MA; Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Manchester, NH; and Burlington, VT.   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”
Jonathon Podolsky, Producer, Whole Health Expo, Producer@WholeHealthExpo.com, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA.

“I first met Stephen in March 2011 when he paid us a visit to talk about the potential for him to work at the New Age Spiritualist Mission Inc. I was aware that Stephen had moved to New Zealand and was considering contacting him about this when he made the first step. I had spoken to two friends within the National Spiritualist Association of Churches in the USA. One was the Rev Marilyn Awtry NST, who I have been communicating with for over 8 years and the Rev Anne Gehman HST who had visited the Mission in 2007. They had both given a very good report about Stephen and Anne indicated he would be welcome back to her church at any time. Our initial meeting with Stephen indicated a caring, intelligent man with a great deal of knowledge about both mediumship and the philosophy and history of Spiritualism. We were delighted to be able to organise a date when he could come and work with us in June 2011. During his visit we were able to watch as he demonstrated as the front line performed at Adelaide’s Mind Body Psychic festival. This performance was a major success with the assembled crowd departing satisfied with the proof given by the mediumship.

Stephen then spent the week completing private readings for individuals and we received very positive feedback from those who booked. At the end of the week he performed a public demonstration of mediumship at the Mission which was again received very positively by the attendees. He also presented a workshop to train people in psychic development and mediumship. My wife, a former mission leader and medium with 45 years’ experience, attended this and was impressed with the quality of teaching and content. The feedback from attendees was very positive with a very high degree of satisfaction being expressed by the students. Subsequently Stephen took our Sunday meeting producing both an excellent inspirational talk and a further demonstration of his abilities as a medium.

Both my wife and I are committed Spiritualists who are deeply involved in both its history and philosophy. We both write for the UK Spiritualist Newspaper Psychic News. As a result we could also realise the knowledge that Stephen had built up, his dedication to the correct approach to mediumship and his grasp of the philosophy.

I can highly recommend and fully endorse his work.”

~ Jim Warwood, Leader, New Age Spiritualist Mission Inc., Adelaide, South Australia (www.nasm.org.au )

“Rev. Stephen Hermann enjoys the extra ordinary gift of communicating with spirits, and possessed a unique ability to bridge the gap between the corporeal and incorporeal world. He is a contemporary spiritual medium who travel extensively, taking his message throughout the world. His unique way of teaching Mediumship is a great help in the development of mediumistic faculties in the highest level. I am a medium and student of Spiritism here in the Philippines, and I find his scientific approach in teaching Mediumship very educating and enlightening, both for aspiring mediums and for those who want to experience the gift of spirit-communication. Rev. Hermann provides a simplified way of opening one’s faculty, and raises the level of awareness on the true purpose and nature of Mediumship.

His teachings will awaken one’s inner purpose that will lead to the discovery of man’s innate ability. 

For those who want to increase their level of understanding on the often misunderstood gift of Mediumship, and for those who wants to discover the hidden facts of life and seek further enlightenment on the existence of the afterlife, his work is highly recommended.

As being the Regional President of the Federation of Youth Spiritist a youth organization under Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas Incorporada founded February 1905, I was given a chance to work with Rev. Stephen Hermann during his visit in the Philippines in the year 2011 and 2012. we been having do a seminars at many centers through the country including Centro Aslag ning Pamikalugod (Light of Love) Rofil, Bamban, Tarlac City, where a lot of Spiritists in the country attended the seminars. We also went to Centro La Virtud (the Virtue) in Tuba Benguet, Baguio City, where  we held a healing sessions for one of the patients “Irish”. I also  was one of his assistants during his lectures and seminar at the Philippine Government Population Commission in Baguio city, where many Physicians,  Nurses and government employees attended his seminars on  Spiritual Anatomy and Spiritual Healing.  On his annual  visits Rev. Stephen Hermann serves our center La Perseverancia, the oldest center in the Philippines, established in 1900, where the beginning of Spiritualism in the Philippines and where the famous psychic surgeon and wonder healers come from.”
~ Lorence Jugulion,President Region 5, Federation of Youth Spiritist, Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas, San Fabrian, Philippines