Spiritual Healing


Spiritual healing is Gods love in action and effectively brings balance and harmony to the the recipient on all levels of the physical body, mind and soul.  As a healing medium Stephen works with a team of spirit doctors and healers, who diagnose the conditions of the patient and administer appropriate treatment.

The place I have been since the healing with you Friday night is just amazing.  I felt it physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s truly amazing. My neck brace was literally becoming part of my body having to wear it since June. I couldn’t be without it for even a short time. Since my healing with you I haven’t had to wear it.  The sharp pains are gone that went from my neck into my head. My vision has improved.  I am so thankful.  Pamela

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Laying on of the Hands and Auric Healing
Stephen is available for spiritual healing through prayer and laying on of the hands.  Stephen has practiced spiritual healing for several decades and taught programs for the development of healing in many countries around the world.  Treatment involves working with the aura as well as direct physical contact.

Trance Healing and Etheric Healing
During a session Stephen will allow the spirit physicians to work through his physical body to perform surgical operations on the etheric body of the patient.  Often the spirit healers through Stephen will speak directly to the patient regarding specific concerns.

Distant Treatments
Effective application of healing is not limited by physical technique or distance. Prayer and loving energy directed to those not physically present is highly effective.  Stephen regularly sends prayers for those in need.

Telephone Healing Sessions
At a distance? Stephen is available for private healing treatments and guided meditations over the phone or online utilizing Skype or similar systems.

Massage Therapy
A  graduate of the Potomac Massage Training Institute, Washington, DC, Stephen is an expert with the healing application of Swedish, Deep Tissue and other forms of physical bodywork combining the physical technique with mediumistic healing.

A graduate of the Institute for Ethical and Clinical Hypnosis, Washington, DC, Stephen offers spiritual healing sessions utilizing  hypnosis for the effective treatment of a wide assortment of psychological and physical health concerns.


Questions? Feel free to contact Stephen directly steveradhe@gmail.com

Hey, you know that work you did on my back while you were here? I just had an MRI two weeks ago on that area. Two of my bulging discs are no longer bulging. Right on the spot where you pushed your elbow in.  Gone! Thank you! I am ecstatic!


My son received a healing on his spine, now please understand – my boy has been to several doctors throughout his life from the age of 6 years old, So many tests! X-rays, MRI, Cats scans, all showing nothing was wrong, physical therapy etc… Yet he was in pain – and all tests shows nothing.
After Stephen Hermann went into trance and a Spirit doctor performed psychic surgery, in which my son described as “feeling the bones in his spine moving- felt weird but didn’t hurt” and then went onto say, ” I felt what felt like he was stitching me up”…
All of us there witnessed this happening!
Later that night, at the hotel room as we were getting ready for bed Eli (my son) asked me to look at my back, I looked and to my amazement there was an “hole” – an indentation about size of of first part of your index finger that went pretty far in that WAS NOT THERE previously! In my excitement, I said to Eli, “C’MON”, and we went ran down the hall to 2 other women from the retreat, who were staying at same hotel with us to show them. Just to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was – Guess what – I was!!
They examined it as well as touched it etc..
The next morning was a bit chilly, I asked Eli to put the heat on – I wanted to see if he could get out of bed. Usually it is difficult for him to just get right up…
Without even thinking he jumped right up and turned the heat on, with out having issues with breathing, no pain nothing!  I looked at his back and that “hole” was gone!!!  


I sat quietly during the séance while Stephen went into trance to bring in healers from the other dimension to the circle in attendance. When we were invited to sit for healing, I finally took a seat in front of Stephen. As I sat, I did not feel anything spectacular and wondered if I had unfairly taken the place of someone who had greater need of a healing that night. When my healing was finished, I returned to my seat. I noticed immediately that the tremor in my hands that had advanced noticeably over the past several years had diminished. I could hold my hands out in front of me with little to no discernible shaking, a problem that prevented my taking photos or holding papers comfortably in front of an audience. True, I had no cancer, paralysis, chronic disease, or other illness to bring to the healing chair, only a tremor I was quite self-conscious about. Some of the tremor has returned, but nowhere near the obvious strength as before. Thank you, Spirit, and thank you, Rev. Stephen Hermann.


You were my  healer before the service  Wednesday March 14. I had an infection in my left eye that was very inflamed and sore. It was already beginning to feel better that night before bed but when I returned home to Indiana the next day my husband  thought I was crazy when I told him how bad my eye was the day before.